Most workshops are scheduled to run from 9am–4:30pm with a two-hour break for lunch (12pm–2pm). Registration opens Sept. 3 at 9am (EST). Dates and time will be announced this summer. If a workshop has a Supply List, a link will be included with the description. Workshops will be added to this page throughout the summer.

Register for Ice Crystals

Ice Crystals with Karen Combs

How did you do that?!   This is what your friends will ask after you take this class. Create this truly stunning 3-D quilt with Karen’s special rotary cutting techniques, along with tricks and tips.

A perfect class for a quilter with sewing experience.
Cost: $80 plus $18 Material fee paid day of class (includes templates and pattern)
Supply List (PDF)
Class Information (PDF)

Register for Learn EPP

Learn English Paper Piecing with Karen Combs

It's old, but it’s brand new! English Paper Piecing (or EPP) is all the rage! Why? Because this technique is easy, fast, accurate and best of all, portable, perfect for sitting and stitching. Let Karen show you this popular technique while creating an amazing 3-D quilt. Frankly, Karen avoided this kind of piecing for years...until she tried it. Now she's hooked and it is her "go-to" take-along project.
Cost: $80 plus $25 Material fee paid day of class (includes paper pieces, template, pattern and other special supplies needed for the class)
Supply List (PDF)
Class Information (PDF)

Register for Patchwork Illusions

Patchwork Illusions with Karen Combs

Visual depth has fascinated artists for centuries. Karen has developed a quick and easy rotary technique that allows you to make quilts with a 3-D look. Frankly, this is her favorite class because it’s so easy to create truly amazing quilts of illusion. Let Karen share her secrets, so you may become a master of illusion!
Cost: $80 plus $18 Handout fee paid day of class (includes handouts and rotary templates)
Supply List (PDF)
Class Information (PDF)


Modern Free-Wheeling Circles with Gyleen Fitzgerald

Modern and bold stitched with speed and ease with an extra curve or two. Is that possible? This is Gyleen’s 2017 Iron Quilter Challenge design. Learn the raw edge technique to achieve perfect "stress-free" curves without piecing. Experiment with different layouts to produce a unique design. Game on!
Cost: $80 plus $12 Pattern due at day of class.  No special tools required.
Supply List (PDF)


Trash to Treasure Pineapples with Gyleen Fitzgerald

Okay, isn’t it time to clear the clutter in your life? Let’s make an old-fashioned favorite pineapple quilt with a new and contemporary twist. Effortless stitching without paper piecing! Go scrappy, random or totally stylized — it doesn’t matter — just plan to join the Pineapple Par-tay! This workshop turns trash to a treasured one-of-a-kind pineapple quilt.
Cost: $80 plus Pineapple Tool by Gyleen ($15) and Trash to Treasure Pineapples 2 book ($23). Both available at workshop.
Supply List (PDF)

Mixology — Shaken and Stirred with Gyleen Fitzgerald

Graphic and modern design using “hard to use” or “hard to get used to” fabrics. Some fabrics like outstanding plaids, bold large scale prints and ethnic fabric just seem daunting to cut. This project shakes up the mundane and stirs up your creative juices to simply “go for it.” You will learn how to cut all shapes using the Angle Trim Tool and master precision piecing.
Cost: $80 plus Angle Trim Tool ($15) and Pattern ($10). Both available during workshop.
Supply List (PDF)

Hand Embroidery and Beading with Catherine Redford

This class will teach basic hand embroidery stitches, with and without the addition of beads, making fringes and tassels, and beaded edge treatments, all in one class.

Cost: $80 plus $30 Kit fee paid day of class (includes everything you need except scissors).
Bring your reading glasses if you need them. A thimble is optional.

Dimensional hand work, embroidery and a Dorset button with Catherine Redford

Add some more advanced dimensional stitches to to your embroidery vocabulary as you work on your choice from a selection of pre-printed fabric samplers. Learn crested chain stitch, double cast-on, drizzle, trellis and lots more including a Dorset button. These buttons are a traditional English craft experiencing a resurgence! Learn how to make functional buttons you can use to embellish your next project, wear as jewelry or just do up your cardigan.
Cost: $80 plus $30 Kit fee paid day of class (includes everything you need except scissors).
Bring your reading glasses if you need them. A thimble is optional.

The Wool Appliqué Experience with Catherine Redford

Learn the techniques required for successful whip stitch wool appliqué while working on a small piece that can be finished into a needle case or pin cushion. Use beautiful embroidery stitches to embellish and add further dimension to your project.
Cost: $80 plus $30 Kit fee paid day of class (includes all the materials you need)
Bring a pencil, scissors for threads and fabric, and your reading glasses if you need them. A thimble is optional.