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"The Declaration of Sentiments 1848 — The Struggle Continues"

A regional juried Studio Art Quilt Associates  exhibit which was open to artists  from KY, TN, IL, WI, IN, OH, MO, KS, and OK. 

Its theme is women’s issues.

The Declaration of Sentiments is the foundational document for women’s rights drafted in Seneca Falls, New York, July 1848 at our nation’s first women’s rights convention. Some of the women’s concerns at that time were employment, educational opportunities, voting and property rights, and social and religious degradation.  Chilling declarations were included such as married women, in the eye of the law, were civilly dead. Much progress has been made in these areas, yet women still do not have full equality, empowerment, or justice with all the rights and privileges which belong to them as citizens of these United States.

This exhibition celebrates women’s accomplishments and honors their struggles throughout American history. Whether abstract, graphic, or representational artists’ voices illustrating the passion, anger, hope, perseverance, or celebration  of women’s rights is relevant and important. 

Mary Ann Van Soest,  Fiber Artist

As a child, Mary Ann Van Soest dreamed of becoming an artist. As it often happens, family life became a priority after becoming married and raising 3 children along with a 30 year career in real estate.

After retiring in 2008, Mary Ann’s childhood dream became a reality. Acrylic painting and pottery were her first artistic endeavors. That all changed in 2010 when on a whim she visited the Chicago International Quilt Show. Amazed by the skill and talent it takes to create quilts, Mary Ann was hooked and her textile and quilting journey began.

Instead of using commercial patterns, Mary Ann’s projects start with inspiration from nature. The love of flowers, trees and birds supply her with plenty of ideas for her designs and color palette. Mary Ann’s original designs use surface design techniques including batiks, dyed, printed, painted, and silkscreened fabrics, and various embellishments. The mood of her work is usually soothing and calm, with rich textures and patterns.

You will find her art quilts in solo shows, art galleries and published in magazines.  Mary Ann’s art has come full circle and can be seen in major quilt shows inspiring the next generation of textile art and art quilters.


Mary Ann Van Soest lives in DeMott, IN. She is a member of Studio Art Quilt Associates and several other quilt related organizations.

She has had solo exhibits in several galleries from 2011 to the present. She has been published in Machine Quilting Unlimited, and has quilts regularly accepted in major quilt shows and exhibitions. Her largest piece, “Floating Down the River” ( 22 feet wide by 6.5 foot tall) will be featured in her exhibit “Inspired By Nature”  at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show.


Color_Flow_f-copy 2.JPG

WonderLab Museum

WonderLab is an award-winning science museum where visitors can explore the science of everyday life and the connections between science and art. Wonderlab will be featuring a quilt exhibit of geometric shapes by Brenda Roach. The museum, located at 308 W. 4th Street, is one block from the Convention Center via  the B-Line Trail and is on the free bus route. Admission is FREE for adults, age 18 and older, with an IHQS wristband or stamp on March 1 - 3. The museum is open 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

About the Exhibit:

Geometric shapes and the color wheel can be combined to offer seemingly infinite opportunities for design. The quilts displayed in this exhibit show a few of the ways  the artist has used these elements and how she has used quilting to enhance the designs.  WonderLab will also have hands-on activities related to patterning and colors.

Brenda Roach is a former French and Spanish teacher who is very grateful for the roles that quilting and quilters play in her life.