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"The Declaration of Sentiments 1848 — The Struggle Continues"

A regional juried Studio Art Quilt Associates  exhibit which was open to artists  from KY, TN, IL, WI, IN, OH, MO, KS, and OK. 

Its theme is women’s issues.

The Declaration of Sentiments is the foundational document for women’s rights drafted in Seneca Falls, New York, July 1848 at our nation’s first women’s rights convention. Some of the women’s concerns at that time were employment, educational opportunities, voting and property rights, and social and religious degradation.  Chilling declarations were included such as married women, in the eye of the law, were civilly dead. Much progress has been made in these areas, yet women still do not have full equality, empowerment, or justice with all the rights and privileges which belong to them as citizens of these United States.

This exhibition celebrates women’s accomplishments and honors their struggles throughout American history. Whether abstract, graphic, or representational artists’ voices illustrating the passion, anger, hope, perseverance, or celebration  of women’s rights is relevant and important.