Quilt Shipping and Insurance — IHQS DISCLAIMER

Quilt Shipping

Shipping of quilts is at your sole risk.  FedEx is our shipper of choice. You are responsible for obtaining insurance for quilts that are valued at more that $500. When your quilt is in transit, the shipper, not IHQS, is responsible for the package.  IHQS is responsible for your quilt while it is in our possession, that is, from the time the quilt is delivered to us until the time the quilt is accepted for return by our shipper.  We take great care to ensure that all packages are secure before we return them to you in the box that you provide, so please make sure all boxes are sturdy.  IHQS utilizes only FedEx Ground for return shipping and agrees to the FedEx Terms of Use. You are responsible for providing shipping boxes that comply with FedEx recommendations (PDF). Quilts cannot be shipped to a P.O. box.

Domestic Return Shipping

If you want us to ship your quilt back to you within the continental U.S. for $25.00, add “Domestic Shipping” to your shopping cart. To avoid this domestic shipping charge, purchase a FedEx prepaid return shipping label that you would include with your quilt when you ship it to us initially.

International Return Shipping

IHQS does not do international return shipping.