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So I Got it Pieced/Continuous Line Quilting


Everyone has gotten to the end of a quilt pattern and read with dread the words Quilt as Desired. What exactly does this mean. This class will talk about different ways to quilt your quilts. What quilting patterns compliment piecework vs. applique, straight lines vs. curves. We will also discuss quilting density, which type of thread to use and ways to plan out your quilting with minimal marking. Please bring your trouble tops and we will try and talk about how to quilt as many as possible.

Love the look of custom quilting but concerned about the time/skill involved? Don’t like to start and stop but still want that personalized quilting design for your quilt? Yes, you can do custom quilting fast and affordably.  This class will cover how to get from one side of you quilt to the other with minimal stops and starts, little or no marking, and totally customized to your quilt.

Supply List

$12 class kit fee includes:
design board (flexible plastic)
dry erase marker/wipe

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