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Maintaining Your Featherweight Sewing Machine


Course registration fee includes Linda’s $15 mandatory toolkit. Linda will be contacting students prior to the class for machine serial numbers to ensure that parts and information are correct for their machines.

Do you have a vintage Singer model 221 sewing machine? Would you like to learn more about it? How about learning how to clean the interior, oil and lubricate it? Plus, learn what all that stuff in the case is, how to correctly insert a new needle, the proper way to insert the bobbin into the bobbin case, and more!

In this half day class you will learn more about your machine and how to take care of it than you ever thought possible. The class kit is provided (kit fee included in the class fee) but there are a few more things for you to bring to class to be ready to dive in. No repairs will be taught or done in class; however, just learning how to do basic preventive care will lengthen the time between sometimes-costly visits to a repairperson.

Supplies needed:
a spool of sewing thread (to learn how to correctly thread the machine)
a featherweight bobbin loaded with thread
a notebook or paper and pencil or pen to take notes
a flashlight
magnifying or reading glasses for closeup work if you use them

Bring your Singer 221 sewing machine, complete with bobbin case, bobbin, foot controller, and machine case. We will not be sewing, but we will be teaching how to correctly use the machine components. Please note that the kit items supplied are not included in this.

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