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Lady of the Lake


Mickey Depre

Hand Piecing Rocks!  Join me for a slow speed workshop covering the tips and tricks of this much loved tradition.Together we tackle a block that would cause you to pause at your machine but will become your go to for de-stressing.

These versatile and complicated blocks become a joy to do when sewn by hand.  Perfect points will happen!

We will use traditional templates to cut out our shapes with hand scissors.   This entire workshop is about easy peaceful quilting.

A kit is required that will include a set ofacrylic templates and other items (see supply list).

All you need to bring is fabric (see supply list for amounts/detailed sizes),  your favorite fabric scissors, two gel pens (light and dark),  a thimble,  and stories to share while we hand sew piecefully together. (yes a play on words there).

Some may find bringing an OTT light and small handwork scissors also helpful.

Come on! Pick your block and let’s go sew!

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