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Fun Feathers/Easy Background Fillers


Want to do fun fabulous feathers, but don’t want to mark or do a lot of measuring? Not sure how to fit them into the quilt block you want? Than this is the class for you. This class will discuss how to fit feathers in to virtually any shape, with little or no marking. We will also talk about how to quilt feathers with a minimum of stops, starts and backtracking. This class is designed for the person that already has some skill as a quilter, either on a domestic or a long arm.

Examples of various shapes will be provided.

This class will cover a variety of background fillers to use in your machine quilting. These will include, but are not limited to pebbles swirls, flames, flowers, feathers and McTavishing. This class will be in a lecture format and is suitable for all intermediate/advanced domestic and long arm quilters.

Numerous examples will be available to see designs as they look quilted.

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Pencil/Paper for drawing

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