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Thank you for your interest in entering your quilt into our show! This is a non-juried show. Our prizes and awards, categories and entry rules are below. The deadline for entry of quilts into the 2020 show is February 10, 2020.

Check out critical dates for entries and our quilt shipping instructions.
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Ribbon – Exemplary Edge Finish
Ribbon – Exemplary Use of Color
Ribbon – Exemplary Use of Handwork
Ribbon – Found & Finished Quilts - New!
Ribbon – Youth Quilter
Ribbon – Honorable Mention
Ribbon – Judge Recognition
Ribbon – Instructor Recognition

$2,000 – Best of Show
$1,000 – Exemplary Hand Quilting
$1,000 – Exemplary Machine Quilting
$500 – 1st Place in Each Category
$200 – 2nd Place in Each Category
$100 – 3rd Place in Each Category
$100 – Viewer’s Choice
$100 – Mayor’s Choice
$100 – Commissioner’s Choice
$100 – Hoosier Award




Please read these rules carefully and use them as a checklist before you submit your quilt.

  1. All persons involved in making the quilt must be listed on the entry form. If the design is not the entrant’s original design, credit must be given to the source.

  2. Quilts entered in the “Young Quiltmaker” category must be made only by the young quilter unless the quilter is 12 and younger. Whatever the adult helper contributes to the quilt should be documented on the entry form. There is no entry fee for this category and no prize monies are awarded (high school age or younger).

  3. Quilt must have been completed after January 1, 2015.

  4. Entrants must determine the category in which the quilt will be entered. Please read each category description carefully to determine where best to enter your quilt.

    Entries must be in by midnight February 10, 2020. (There are no paper entries.) Entries are accepted in order that they are received. IHQS is not a juried show, but we reserve the right to limit entries based on space constraints.

  5. All quilts must be clean, free of smoke, pet hair or odor, and constructed of fabric, have three layers and contain some quilting that can be seen from the back. No tied quilts will be displayed or judged. Incomplete, damaged, or soiled quilts may not qualify for display or judging. Quilts with false backs are not eligible for prizes unless there is some quilting showing on the back of the quilt. There is no refund if a quilt must be returned.

  6. Quilts previously displayed in an Indiana Heritage Quilt Show are not eligible for entry.

  7. All quilts must have a 4-inch opening on the hanging sleeve attached to the top of the quilt, and the top and bottom edges of the sleeve must be secured to the quilt back. If the quilt has no hanging sleeve, it will not be displayed and will be returned to the entrant.

  8. Each quilt must be permanently identified with a label on the back. Please cover this label with fabric attached either by basting stitch or quilters safety pins.

  9. Quilt must be a single unit, without frame of wood, metal, etc. IHQS reserves the right to refuse, and assumes no liability, for quilts that require special handling. All quilts will be folded during handling, no exceptions. Please avoid fragile embellishments.

  10. Quilts should not measure more than 108 inches on the hanging side. Please see category descriptions for specific measurement restrictions in some categories.

  11. Quilt delivery information will be sent via email.

  12. Detailed delivery instructions will be emailed after the Entry Form is received by IHQS. Please do not send your quilt until you have received this information. If you have not received your information by February 12, 2020, please email ihqs@ihqs.org or phone 812-327-2731.

  13. Each quilt entry, shipped or walk-in, must be delivered in a separate box for the safe return of your quilt.

  14. Each quilt entry must have a photo of the quilt in the box.

  15. IHQS reserves the right to combine or subdivide categories based on the number of entries.

  16. Quilts that do not meet these rules will not be judged or exhibited. Entrants will be notified of disqualification as soon as possible.

  17. The Indiana Heritage Quilt Show reserves the right to reject any unqualified or misrepresented entry. All decisions of the IHQS board of directors and IHQS judges are final.

  18. Shipped quilts must arrive at the Monroe Convention Center between February 24 and February 28, 2020.
    See our
    Quilt Shipping instructions. Walk-in quilts can be delivered to the Monroe Convention Center on February 29 between 10am and 12pm.

Check out critical dates for entries.


APPLIQUÉD QUILTS: Appliqué predominates over other techniques in amount or effect covering approximately 75% of the quilt.

PIECED QUILTS - SMALL: Piecing predominates over other techniques in amount or effect. Total measurement in inches of all the outside edges (perimeter) should measure less than 260 inches.

PIECED QUILTS - LARGE: Piecing predominates over other techniques in amount or effect. Total measurement in inches of all the outside edges (perimeter) should measure 260 inches or more with no more than 108 inches on the hanging side.

MIXED TECHNIQUES/TRADITIONAL: Entries with two or more traditional techniques/styles are combined and where any technique comprises 25% or more of the quilt. Examples would include: Whole cloth quilts; pieced/appliqué; appliqué/reverse appliqué; and embroidery/piecing.

MODERN QUILTS: Quilts must have high contrasting colors, minimalism, improvisational piecing, expansive negative space, simple shapes, and/or non-traditional layouts.

ART / INNOVATION QUILTS: Quilts must be an original design—no commercial patterns or copies of previous works or adaptations of someone else’s design.  The quilt design should reflect innovative construction, design techniques, theme, subject matter and/or materials.

CHALLENGE QUILTS: Houses / Windows / Doors 
Houses. Spaces that we live in, dream about, fix, rent or own. They can provide shelter and warmth, an address, a place to be and to be from.  Windows. Sometimes we are looking in and sometimes out. They can be clear, transparent, colored, broken, open or shut. They can be decorative or utilitarian. Doors. They keep us out or they can let us in. They can be beautiful and unique, all kinds of shapes and sizes and are found on houses, churches, schools, cages, cabinets, cars...

We would love to see your interpretation of Houses / Windows / Doors.  Choose one, two or all three topics if it works in your quilt. Judges will want to see your vision of our challenge. Your entry can be any style from traditional to modern. Entries can be pieced, appliqued, use a combination of techniques, including fabric art and embellishments. The only restriction is size. The perimeter (total measurement of all sides added together) should measure 200 inches or less, with NO SIDE LONGER THAN 50 INCHES.  All other IHQS entry requirements apply.

YOUNG QUILTMAKERS: Entrants must be high school age or younger and have made the quilt themselves. Adults may assist with entrants 12 and younger with documentation on the entry form.


VIEWER’S CHOICE: Viewer’s Choice is determined by the show’s attendees’ votes.

MAYOR’S CHOICE: The Mayor of Bloomington, Indiana, determines the winner of this award.

COMMISSIONER’S CHOICE:  The Commissioner of Monroe County, Indiana, determines the winner of this award.

HOOSIER AWARD: The Hoosier Award will be awarded  to a quilt made and entered  by a resident of Indiana.


EXEMPLARY EDGE FINISH: Includes flawless binding technique, interesting and/or unique edge finish.

EXEMPLARY USE OF COLOR: Includes unusual, intriguing, exciting, unique and/or eye-catching use of color in the body of the quilt.

EXEMPLARY HAND WORK: Includes any hand work on the quilt such as hand piecing, hand quilting, appliqué work, and surface design.

FOUND & FINISHED: Quilts/quilt blocks found in auctions, trunks, attics, closets etc. that are completed by someone other than the original maker of the top. Please let us know in your description if your quilt should be considered for this ribbon.

JUDGE RECOGNITION: Each judge selects one quilt for recognition.

INSTRUCTOR RECOGNITION: Each instructor selects one quilt for recognition.