Houses.  Spaces that we live in, dream about, fix, rent or own. They can provide shelter and warmth, an address, a place to be and to be from.  Windows. Sometimes we are looking in and sometimes out. They can be clear, transparent, colored, broken, open or shut. They can be decorative or utilitarian.  Doors. They keep us out or they can let us in. They can be beautiful and unique, all kinds of shapes and sizes and are found on houses, churches, schools, cages, cabinets, cars...

We would love to see your interpretation of Houses / Windows / Doors — Oh My!  Choose one, two or all three topics if it works in your quilt. Judges will want to see your vision of our challenge. Your entry can be any style from traditional to modern. Entries can be pieced, appliquéd, use a combination of techniques, including fabric art and embellishments. The only restriction is size. The perimeter (total measurement of all sides added together) should measure 200 inches or less, with NO SIDE LONGER THAN 50 INCHES.  All other IHQS entry requirements apply.