Special Show & Community Exhibits

IHQS Special Exhibit

The Indiana Heritage Quilt Show proudly presents a special quilt exhibit by artist Nysha Oren Nelson.  Nysha will present a selection of his quilts for your enjoyment and inspiration.  As an added bonus, Nysha will be available as an “artist in residence” to provide demonstrations of his techniques and to answer any questions you may have.  This is an opportunity for you to interact with an exceptional quilt artist.  See his personal statement below and don’t forget to visit his website and blog.

Nysha Oren Nelson of Studio Nysha

It has been said, “ʻPerfectionʼ is somewhere to get to and ʻExcellenceʼ is somewhere to come from.” A motto I live by. Working to master whatever is in front of me in order to beautify the world one moment and space at a time — done as an expression of self.

I have spent my life in various ways, each attempting to create beauty in my life and inspire others to do likewise in their lives. I started this quest with a career in Cosmetology. Hair was my passion for thirteen years in an attempt to aid my clientele in self expression and confidence. All the while dreaming of work that would last for more than a day or a few weeks.

As the last century drew to a close I went looking for another medium in which to work. I took art classes at university and in the Atelier system. I studied, looked, drew, looked, painted and looked some more.

Then one day it happened — I fell into fiber and years of struggling dissolved.  Years of watching quilting shows on television, needle arts as a youngster and a life long passion for fabrics all culminated in an instant and with a trip to ʻThe National Quilt Museum.ʼ

In the past seven years in addition time spent honing my eye and training my hand to manipulate fiber in a continued attempt to add more beauty to the world my works has been included in several shows including “Visions Art Museum” and the International Quilt Festivals 2010 and 2012 as well as inclusion in publications.

In an effort to share with as many people as possible I have opened a commercial space as studio, gallery and classroom. Here I will teach and host classes in fiber, quilting, doodling, personal and professional development and give presentations designed to inspire and motivate others to create beauty in their worlds.

Nysha Oren Nelson



Community Exhibits

Wylie House Exhibit

Built in 1835 as the home of Andrew Wylie, Indiana University’s first president, this stately brick house is now a museum recreating the early Wylie years. The exhibit will include quilts from the Wylie House collection as well as others borrowed from friends of the museum. Both nineteenth and twentieth century quilts will be on display, and all will be traditional patterns, pieced and quilted by hand. Hours are 10 am- 4 pm, Thursday-Saturday during the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show. Wylie House is located on the free bus route at 307 E. 2nd Street. FREE  http://www.indiana.edu/~libwylie/

Monroe County History Center – “Cracking the Code: Quilts from the Mid-19th Century”

In the past many thought that Quilts made during the mid-to late part of the 19th century were created to aid travelers on the Underground Railroad. Now, research shows that there is no documentation regarding quilt patterns as a form of communication for Underground Railroad Travelers. This exhibit will examine different patterns and their purported meanings across different regions.

Exhibit Opens March 6, 2014.  Closes July 26, 2014.  The History Center is accessible to people of all abilities.  Located at 202 E. 6th Street. Exhibit opens March 7th, 2013.  It is on the bus route and FREE with IHQS wristband or hand stamp,  during quilt show only.  www.monroehistory.org


Art Quilters of Bloomington

Art Quilters of Bloomington invite you to visit our quilt show at the Old National Bank, 210 East Kirkwood, across from the Monroe County Public Library.  Monday thru Friday, 9AM – 4PM; Saturday, 9AM – noon.  It is a feast for the eyes with such a variety of styles.

WonderLab Museum 

“Art Quilts by Beth Schnellenberger”
A collection of ten original quilts designed, pieced, and hand-quilted by Beth Schnellenberger from Jasper, IN will be on display from February 15 to April 12, 2014 at the WonderLab Museum.
Beth works primarily with fabric and thread to create heavily stitched contemporary pieces of fiber art.  Her most recent work is characterized by dense hand stitching creating a uniquely textured surface.  She uses strong geometric shapes, high contrast, and bold colors in her work.  Beth’s textile pieces have been juried into numerous exhibitions, including In Full Bloom (sponsored by Quilts Inc. and mounted in US and Europe), the Studio Art Quilt Association’s A View from Here: Quilts of the Ohio River Valley, the Mid-States Craft Exhibition held at the Evansville Museum, and the annual exhibitions of the Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists.
WonderLab is an award-winning science museum where visitors can explore the science of everyday life and the connections between science and art. The museum, located at 308 W. 4th Street, is one block from the Convention Center via the B-Line Trail and is on the free bus route. Admission is FREE for adults, age 18 and older, with an IHQS wristband or stamp on March 6-8. The museum is open 9:30 am – 5:00 pm.   http://www.wonderlab.org/
For more information, call 812-337-1337 x23 or email andrea@wonderlab.org


Farmer House Museum

The Farmer House Museum, located in a historic 1869 residence, seeks to preserve and interpret family life in Monroe county, Indiana. By promoting a dialog with the past the museum hopes to inspire the public to appreciate and understand the human forces that have shaped the community. In our 2014 Indiana Heritage Quilt Show exhibit we will be exploring how textile arts are passed down as family traditions.  Stop by for a visit at:  at 529 North College, Bloomington, Indiana.  Phone 812-336-5597.


Hours: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., Friday & Saturday only.

The shuttle bus will leave the Convention Center every half hour to take you to the museum exhibits. The pickup point is at the back entrance of the Convention Center. Ride FREE!

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